Rising of the living dead 3D

Publisher: Vasco Games

The dead are everywhere since the outbreak, nobody was save anymore. The virus mutated into another strain not only killing their host but it started to turn them into brainless zombies. These undead rapidly started killing innocent people, for most of them it was too late. More than 5.4 billion people died in those early days of the outbreak and started to walk around. Those rare people who survived stick together, fighting off these aggressive creatures and each other. But there is still some hope left a virologist that worked at the CDC was working on a cure in a secret army base. He is almost there but all he needs now is the last strain of DNA that is holding up in the CDC building in Atlanta. It’s up to you and your teammates to guide the doctor safely through the hordes of undead scum.

Shoot and survive through Atlanta city in this sprawling zombie action shooter. Shoot zombies buy weapons, develop skills, assemble your team and get out there before its too late.

Rising of the living dead 3D game features:

— Survive for a 100 days in a zombie apocalypse
— Upgrade your team members and their weapons
— Take out the zombie walkers from different directions
— You got different team members you can controll switch between them
— Protect your means of transport otherwise you need to walk
— Hordes of zombie that will attack your positions