Quadrex is free, totally addictive mobile puzzle game that has simple gameplay and very challenging levels.

The concept is simple like ABC – slide the square tiles on the game field to recreate the certain image. The image represents some tracery that consists of square elements. These elements are shuffled on the playing field. Consequently, you need to place them to the respective locations marked with dots. The color of the square blocks can be different, including a few colors at the same field and thus, complicating the task. The size of the game field also changes – from 5×5 tiles to 8×8. The bigger the area is, the more elements on the playing field are and the more interesting your task is. Every time you move the row or the column of tiles, the last tile disappears on one side of the field and appears on the opposite. So, rows and columns are cyclic. There are free cells between tiles, so you need to rearrange the elements (by moving rows and columns up/down and left/right) so that all dot-marked cells become filled with tiles.

When you’re playing interesting and thrilling game like Quadrex that requires certain skills and strong intelligence, you probably want to boast your results among friends and to show them how smart you are or even to challenge them. And Quadrex provides such an opportunity! The passage level time and the number of moves are being recorded at each level. Complete the level as fast as possible using a minimum number of moves. Become the best player and tell everyone about it via Facebook.

Try it for free and you will spend you leisure time with pleasure and with excellent brain training at the same time. The huge amount of levels will provide your entertaining pastime for many months.

Features of Quadrex:

  • Unique gameplay.
  • 1500 levels grouped by specific sets.
  • Compete with Facebook friends.
  • Convenient tutorial.
  • Various graphic themes.
  • Relaxing music.