Mountain Climb Hill Racing

Publisher: Vasco Games

Start upgrading your cars in order to perform awesome stunts and risk it all with this awesome hill racing game. We got all kinds of vehicles waiting for you to conquer even the most challenging tracks. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for easy kid racing games or an endless hill climb game, this is real racing for man and woman. And also one of the most super fun games for boys and girls. Hill climb mountain racing has never been as fun as with mount climb hill racing. Not only does it have stunt truck driving challenges, but you can also choose different vehicles, like the fire truck, hovercraft, evacuator or the extreme 4×4 car.

Are you going to drive your cool car in this uphill racer carefully or are you a real daredevil? Then drive up the hill fast and launch yourself through the air to the next mountain climb. Get ready for a real tough ride as you smash, dash and crash your car through the sky and into the ground. Mountain climb uphill racing has never been so fun and challenging as it is now!

We provide you with some endless hill climb fun in this super fun game! New levels with more challenging hill climb racing challenges will follow very soon. But not only will we keep the levels updated. Expect new vehicles and crash driving chaos and off-road fun in the future! We already have a tractor, motto roller, cabriolet and more cool cars in the game, but how fun will it be to drive classic cars as a real off-road legends do, and crash drive those vehicles through the different levels full of endless climb and drops in to the depth.

Jump high and backflip a tractor if you got the skills for it. In other words, do you have the skills to pay the bills?! If you are looking for a game with high score and do you love to challenge your friends to show off you are the best uphill racer, stop looking now! Beat your friends or your personal high score, earn coins to unlock new cool car upgrades and pimp your cars to the max. Discover what kind of player you are. Do you drive carefully and literally go the distance, or do you risk it all by stunting? Start your adventure today, pick one of the many different vehicles like a cool looking car, race car, jeep, cabriolet, hovercraft, evacuator, tractorof one of the many other awesome vehicles. But we won’t stop with these vehicles. Conquer the hills with mountain climb hill racing today, enjoy one of the most addictive and entertaining games on google play.

Enjoy easy controls and a smooth cartoony look and feel.

+ Fast uphill racer, crash smash and dash your way through the levels, racing hills to the max
+ Colorful cartoony graphics enjoy the most beautiful levels and vehicles of all racing games
+ Earn coins by driving and stunting your way through the mountain climb levels
+ Plenty of upgrades available upgrade your vehicle’s engine, tires, four wheel drive and suspension pimp your cars and start hill racing in your truck, race car or other vehicle
+ 5 Extensive levels numerous stages with more levels will follow
+ 11 Racing cars from firetrucks to hovercrafts and extreme 4×4 cars
+ Easy kid racing games but also a game for the real offroad legends of any age
+ Game with highscore, challenge your friends to join the fun

Mountain Climb Hill Racing is a very fun casual game full of hill climbing fun. Drive carefully and try to collect the gas cans on your way, or you will run out of gas and hill climbing will get extremely difficult. Enjoy yourself to the max with the extensive gameplay, cool cars and different racing vehicles. Mountain Climb Hill Racing is one of the most addictive games on google play today.