Marble Mania: Ball Blast

Publisher: Vasco Games

Marble Mania: Ball Blast is a well known puzzle game, an epic adventure through the kingdom of marbles. You need to match balls of stone and fire to start a chain reaction of equal balls on the track. There are many different colors to blast with your cannon, every orb shot can bring you victory! The string starts on the trail and your combo’s will make the difference. Get the highest score possible, burst the score of your friends and become legend in this kingdom.


+ Easy To Learn, Easy To Play → Just a Ball Combo Puzzle Adventure
+ 6 Marble Mania Worlds → Beach, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountains & Snow
+ 300 Levels → Shoot Marble Balls ‘Till Forever
+ Power-Ups → Bomb, Arrow, Thunder Shots To Fire And More
+ Facebook → Conquer Friends And Become Legend
Hold the lines, launch the ball and win! It’s easy to play in this kingdom. Join friends and other players in this puzzle adventure. You can find friends through Facebook and conquer them in 300 challenging levels, divided over 6 Marble Mania worlds like Beach, Snow and Jungle. You can use power-ups to achieve better combo’s and bonus coins. Some adventure levels contain different cannon places, pick your best spot and puzzle!
Dream Scene Of The Kingdom Legend:
Watch the start of the marble orb group, one big trail rolling over the track. Each stone ball is colored, match the equal ones and hit them with one cannon shot. Use your experience and create a chain reaction of marbles. Observe the lines and make the combo: achieve your boost and gain coins. Use a bomb, thunder or arrow for a chain reaction and become just like him: a true kingdom legend on fire!