High Speed: Drag Racing GP

Publisher: Vasco Games

Drag racing is about high speeds. No need to steer, just accelerate and shift gears at the perfect moment. Release, wait for your tires to get more grip on the asphalt. Your thumb is on the Nitro, but you’re not pressing it yet. You have seen this in the movies so many times. Wait for it. Wait for it… and there it is. 200 extra Bhp kick in and your car jumps to the front. Well done, time to collect your reward!

There is a lot to do and to discover in High Speed: Drag Racing GP. Check out the following features:

  • 4 different drag strips
  • Realistic weather effects (wind, rain & snow)
  • Adaptive gearbox (plan your shifts carefully)
  • 26 fully customizable cars
  • 5 stage upgrades
  • 5 multiplayer modes. Challenge your friends to beat your best times.
  • Stylish 2D graphics
  • Challenging difficulty modes
  • 10 stage career modes (against 4 rival crews and final bosses)

Race Modes
High Speed: Drag Racing GP features multiple singleplayer modes and hours of highly competitive multiplayer gameplay. Challenge rival racing crews in the singleplayer and win special cars when you beat the crew bosses. This mode is perfect for players who want to expand their car collection fast. Players that just want credits or test out their new car should try the Fast Race modes. Here you select a difficulty (easy, medium or hard) and race against a computer opponent with a car that is approximately as good as yours. Keep in mind that some cars perform excellent in a quarter mile but their top speed is too low for half a mile.

The multiplayer is composed of tournaments, face-to-face races, random races and races where you can place a bet (using premium currency). Give your car a fast appearance by painting the body and tires in the garage. You can also tune your car, to maximize its performance and handling. Buy upgrades for the engine, turbo, nitrous system, tires and body (like weight reduction), to stay ahead in the game. Aim for a perfect balance between grip, weight and raw Bhp!

Race against all kinds of opponents in this drag racing game. Challenge your friends for a match and collect the multiplayer rewards. Enjoy the smooth 2D graphics and different drag strips (with realistic weather effects).