Crazy Yeti

Publisher: Souva SAS

Speed down the hills and mountains before taking off and flying high! Your Yeti can defy the laws of gravity in the land of eternal snow — help him go ever further and ever higher. Evade the traps and ski as fast as you can before time catches up with you! Your Yeti is waiting — are you ready to take on the challenge?

Discover the 3 original game modes

SURVIVAL: Use your speed and skill to avoid terrain traps on courses that are littered with hazards! Picking up extra lives will save you.

TIMER: Hurry up and reach the bottom of the course before the time runs out, collecting as many boosters as you can to gain speed and finish in time.

TRAINING: No traps and no timer. In this mode, you’ll be able to improve your skills so you can beat records in the future. Training worthy of Olympic champions!

Learn to anticipate jumps and master them to get your optimal skiing line.